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a Sugar FLower Obession
Petites   Fleurs   UK   came   about   as   a   result   of   a   lifelong   love   for   flowers.      From   the elegance   of   the   garden   rose,   to   the   vibrancy   of   the   bougainvillea,   the   beauty   of flowers   has   always   captivated   me.      This   led   me   to   design   cutters   with   which   I   could recreate   the   blooms   I   so   adored,   in   sugar,   and   so   Petites   Fleurs   was   born.      Our   cutters are   handmade   to   the   highest   possible   standards   in   the   UK   and   are   stainless   steel,   thus rust   free.      With   them,   I   hope   you   would   be   able   to   produce   stunning   works   of   floral art!
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